Pat Lemos (Spain, 1982) and Lukas Lehmann (Germany, 1986) are visual artists with a BA in Fine Arts from the Polythecnic University of Valencia and the Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein of Halle/Salle, respectively; creators and members of the artist duo LEMOS + LEHMANN. Nowadays, they are based in Iceland.

Their practice revolves around nature and its intrinsic visual and emotional relationship to existence. Approaching their surroundings through the practice of walking, drifting and close observation the artists capture and expose the liminal space between beauty, fascination, tension and discomfort.

Using analogue photography as their main tool and putting it in dialogue with sound, sculpture and installation, the duo blurs disciplinary boundaries with the aim of exploring new fields of perception, contemplation and emotion. LEMOS + LEHMANN’s gaze is raw but overlaid with subtleties, moving formally from figurative to abstraction and conceptually from the natural to the mystical and the supernatural.

It is in the exhibition space where the creative process comes to a close and the work is transformed, a sort of rite of passage in which every previous step becomes meaningful. By inviting the public to contemplation and conscious presence, the artists propose a complete and sensorial experience, a journey that, sustained over time, harbours something profoundly spiritual. Something that remains.

They have recently been part of ARCO Art Fair 2023 in Madrid, Spain. Exhibiting individually in CAAA (Guimarães, Portugal), Ramskram Gallery (Reykjavík, Iceland), The Liminal (Valencia, Spain) or Lokal-Int (Biel, Switzerland), among others. Collectively, they have been part of different international shows, highlighting Kiyomizu-dera Temple (Kyoto, Japan), Sage Culture (Los Angeles, USA), Listval (Reykjavík, Iceland) and CICA Museum (Gimpo, South Korea). They currently work on their first artist book and soundscape LP, and prepare their upcoming solo show at Etesian Gallery (Menorca, Spain).

In a parallel way, Pat and Lukas are founders and coordinators of the BONFIRE project, an online platform hosting virtual artist residencies, providing space for gathering and cooperation between artists and agents of the contemporary art and culture.